!!Level Up!! Parent Lv. 2

It’s surprising how time flies when you have a little baby 😛

It has been an amazing 6 months now since our little lady was born and what a ride!  I love just watching my girl sleep and get fascinated the world around her. She has started getting interested in everything and never wants to settle down. Her current focus seems to try to put everything in her mouth, or rub her hands against different fabrics.

My wife and I have made a decision to try to keep the TV off when we are spending time with out girl, it almost seems to easy to just sit there and have her fascinated by the flashing colours. Its funny that I never really notice it off when all things are said and done.

It’s crazy to think how much I have leaned, and realize how much more there is to learn! I am lucky that I have some good friends from high school that have also just had a little one so we can compare notes. The real test might just be beginning though.  My wife is feeling a little under the weather so I get to take a bigger role helping, I do look forward to the challenge but our little one just does not settle down as easily with Papa as Mama.


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