TopWare / SouthPeak you just lost a sale :(

After being delayed three separate time in the course of my pre-order I finally pulled the pug on my copy of Two Worlds 2.  It’s unfortunate for TopWare / SouthPeak  because I was really looking forward to giving this game a try. In the end their loss is BioWare / EA’s gain.

I was hoping to play TW2 to bridge the gap between Christmas and the release of Dragon Age 2 (early March), but with the numerous delays the release dates have just became to close.   The release of TW2 has been kind of frustrating from the start, they kept on delaying the game over here in North America but I have a friend living in Europe who has been playing it for about 6 weeks.  I would have easily bought the game a month and half ago because it would have given my a solid 10 weeks to play through the game before DA2.  With my busy schedule I just couldn’t justify dropping 70$ on TW2 and only enjoy it for a few weeks before I devote my gaming time to DA2.

I do believe that  TopWare / SouthPeak seemed to have made a solid game, unfortunately for me their time has run out. I still plan to keep this game on my radar and just might pick it up later this year.


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