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Castle Age, lessons learned.

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I have been playing Castle Age for for just over two months and am completely addicted. Over that time I have learned a few lessons that I thought would be nice to share.

1. Don’t rush! I am guilty of this, I want to catch up to everyone who has been playing for years. It won’t happen and I finally realize it.

2. Remember to get your Demi-God points everyday. This includes the 10 for each Demi-god you get winning battles. It might not seem like a lot but over time it really adds up.

3. Stamina and Energy are nice but don’t forget you other stats. I have around 240 of both Stamina and Energy and never have them close to full except when I level. I wish I would have capped them at 200 and spent the points on attack and defense instead because they are used every time you attack.

4. Focus and work towards an objective. I started off just powering my way through everything in the game and not getting much accomplished. Over the last couple of weeks I have been focusing on particular goals, like unlocking Arielle and getting all her equipment. Now my goals are to hunt dragons (25 for the favor points), unlock Cartigan and kill thousands of Zerarean soldiers on the Red Plains to hopefully get the Plate of the Ages and the components needed to recrute Hyperion

5. The iPhone app is nice but not great. You can miss out on a lot like random encounters and the festival that is currently going on solely using the app. I use it mostly for monster slaying while on break at work now.

I will be the first to admit that I still have a lot to learn but I thought some people might benefit from my limited experience. My next step is hopefully to find a Guild who accepts energetic new players and see how that opens up the game.

If you are a member of a guild looking for new recruits or have an opinion that differs from mine please leave a comment.


Dragon Age II Demo

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I cannot wait to get my first taste of Dragon Age II.  The Demo comes out tomorrow… I wonder if I my wife would kill me if I called in sick to play it?

A river runs through it!

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In this case its my basement!  Up here in the Great White North we have been living up to that name with an above average amount of snow fall.  I love the white fluffy stuff but it becomes a problem when the temperature spikes and it all starts to melt.

Yesterday in fact was such a day when the temperature climbed to 8C (46F) and the snow started to melt.  The first part of the day was fine with no problems. When I went downstairs in the afternoon I found a nice little river running across the basement floor to the bathroom wall, it then got diverted under the wall to the laundry and then found the drain.  Needless to say I did not have fun mopping up about 11L of water and doing a little carpentry work to the bathroom door frame.  I have now constructed a kitty litter dam to help make sure the water stays away from the bathroom wall and have to move up my digging up of the front flowerbeds to figure out what the hell is going on.  I am glad the weather has decided to get cold again to give me more time to problem solve.

The fun never stops with first time home ownership! 😛

Twice Lucky: Dungeon Raid and Castlevania: LoS

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I finally had a good couple days of bargain hunting.  I have been thinking about downloading Dungeon Raid on my iPhone after Syp from BioBreak recommended it on his blog.  I’ve also been keeping my eye on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as well and lucked out that both of them went on sale this week, so I grabbed them.  I am really enjoying Dungeon Raid, sneaking in as many games as I can at work, and am looking forward to getting back into Castlevania again this weekend.  All told I got both games for a whopping 30$, not bad hunting if I do say so my self!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted in Life on 14/02/2011 by arthur1977

I just wanted to wish my 2 Ladies a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I love you both.

Under Construction!!

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I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for my basement renovation!  What started it in the early days of December now its almost complete minus a few little touch ups and a solid coat of paint in the main room.  This has been more than a minor project with every room down stairs but the laundry room taken down and rearranged.

I look forward to reclaiming my computer room that was totally wiped out and rebuilt.  I am so happy it now has a window! Its been strange not having my own little place in the house, it will also be so nice to have a desktop computer again.  With my desktop mothballed for about 2 months I have been doing all my blogging and web surfing on my iPhone or my wife’s laptop, I miss a real keyboard.  There is only one problem about the room, it has no phone jack. I get my internet through the phone lines so it looks like there is still more work to do.  You have to love home ownership, right when you think your almost done three more items are added to your ToDo list.

Failed Bargain Hunting

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I have been keeping my eyes open for deals on older PS3 titles that I have an interest in playing.  I though I had hit a gold mine this week finding a copy of Nier for 20$ at HVM and then Batman: Arkham Asylum went on sale for 15$ at Future Shop.

As luck has it I got shut out on both deals!  When the cashier at HMV scanned in Nier the price was higher, after a brief conversation in the back they came out and said the sticker was old and I would have to pay the higher price. I said no thank you.  Then today I ventured to Future Shop for Batman: Arkham Asylum and they had no PS3 copies but tones for the X-box 360 (which I do not own).  Oh well, the breaks did not go my way this time.

At least I still have my health. 🙂