Final Fantasy XIII, My Experience

Well I do admit I took my time making my way through Final Fantasy XIII. I picked up the game the day it launched and just managed to defeat the final boss on January 24th/2011. That’s about 312 days if you are counting, lol.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, it has a lot going for it from the awe inspiring landscapes to the innovative battle system, there is really a ton to like but there are some negatives.

I want to cover the negatives first. The biggest one for me was that the game didn’t get me hooked, there was never the strong urge to jump back in and hit the next check point. I wanted to play but unlike older games in this series it didn’t consume my thoughts while I was not playing. The two other things that I would put down as a negative are the story was just a little to overly bright / happy go lucky, I personally like a little darker tone. Secondly, I don’t mind that the game was linear (all games are), I just wish they would have let you explore their beautifully designed world more before you made it to Pulse.

Ok, now that I have gotten all the not so good issues out of the way time to talk about all the reasons play FFXIII! This game is vibrant, the character models and worlds you explore are beautiful. The boss battles through out the game were challenging and fun enough that I had no problem retrying them a few times to figure out the right party / job mix to use. Having the retry option is a blessing. There are more than a few battles where I almost had then down only to get killed, if I would have had to restart at a save point and work my way back I would have stopped playing a long time ago.

Finally, the aspect of Final Fantasy XIII that I enjoyed the most were the battles. I love how the battle system works and all the options it gives you. The challenge of figuring out what was the right combination of jobs to take on boss. Having the ability to start out a battle in all out assault mode then switch it with the tide of the battle to either a medic crew or support
buffers was a lot of fun. This is what made me come back to the game over and over again.

 (oh ya… and trophies :P)

All in all it was mainly real life that kept me from finishing this game a lot earlier. I had a great time playing it and look forward to acquiring more trophies as I currently sit at only 46%.

Hopefully the recently announced FFXIII-2 builds off the good start number one gave it.


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