Failed Bargain Hunting

I have been keeping my eyes open for deals on older PS3 titles that I have an interest in playing.  I though I had hit a gold mine this week finding a copy of Nier for 20$ at HVM and then Batman: Arkham Asylum went on sale for 15$ at Future Shop.

As luck has it I got shut out on both deals!  When the cashier at HMV scanned in Nier the price was higher, after a brief conversation in the back they came out and said the sticker was old and I would have to pay the higher price. I said no thank you.  Then today I ventured to Future Shop for Batman: Arkham Asylum and they had no PS3 copies but tones for the X-box 360 (which I do not own).  Oh well, the breaks did not go my way this time.

At least I still have my health. 🙂


One Response to “Failed Bargain Hunting”

  1. Funny; I do the same thing, and Arkham Asylum is the next one I want to get as well. I just spent most of my ‘extra’ money (is there ever really such a thing?) on season tickets for our MLS club though.

    Happy hunting!

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