Twice Lucky: Dungeon Raid and Castlevania: LoS

I finally had a good couple days of bargain hunting.  I have been thinking about downloading Dungeon Raid on my iPhone after Syp from BioBreak recommended it on his blog.  I’ve also been keeping my eye on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as well and lucked out that both of them went on sale this week, so I grabbed them.  I am really enjoying Dungeon Raid, sneaking in as many games as I can at work, and am looking forward to getting back into Castlevania again this weekend.  All told I got both games for a whopping 30$, not bad hunting if I do say so my self!


2 Responses to “Twice Lucky: Dungeon Raid and Castlevania: LoS”

  1. are there any good strategy games for iphone?

  2. arthur1977 Says:

    I tend to like their Tower Defense games like GeoDefense, GD Swarm, Fieldrunners and TapDefense. Two other great games are Game Dev Story and 100 Rogues.

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