A river runs through it!

In this case its my basement!  Up here in the Great White North we have been living up to that name with an above average amount of snow fall.  I love the white fluffy stuff but it becomes a problem when the temperature spikes and it all starts to melt.

Yesterday in fact was such a day when the temperature climbed to 8C (46F) and the snow started to melt.  The first part of the day was fine with no problems. When I went downstairs in the afternoon I found a nice little river running across the basement floor to the bathroom wall, it then got diverted under the wall to the laundry and then found the drain.  Needless to say I did not have fun mopping up about 11L of water and doing a little carpentry work to the bathroom door frame.  I have now constructed a kitty litter dam to help make sure the water stays away from the bathroom wall and have to move up my digging up of the front flowerbeds to figure out what the hell is going on.  I am glad the weather has decided to get cold again to give me more time to problem solve.

The fun never stops with first time home ownership! 😛


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