On the move and in control….

Its amazing just how fast things can change with a baby.  In the last week or so my little lady finally figured out how to crawl forward after a month of hopping on the spot or moving backwards.  Its great watching move around trying to catch the cats but it also made me realize that we have to keep an even keener eye on her.

In the past two weeks she has also been standing a lot with the assistance of the furniture. In the last few days she has been letting go and maintaining her balance for a few seconds.  I cannot wait for her to walk with summer around the corner.  I love watching my little one grow and develop, its fascinating seeing her figure new things out almost daily.

**** Breaking NEWS****

What an afternoon, it turns out I might just become an Uncle later tonight.  My Wife and here Sister were out shopping earlier today and my Wife’s Sisters waters broke on our front yard.  I wish her and her Husband all the best because they might be in for all long night!

***** Update*****

Its 1:30am and still no baby, but my Father in Law says both Mother and Baby are doing good.

***** Update 2 *****

The baby is not dropping as the Doctors had hoped and a C-section has been scheduled, it’s now 5am. This has been one long nightshift at work!

***** Final Update *****

Little M was born at 6:30.  Mommy and Baby are doing fine.


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