Dragon Age II: Impressions after 15 hours

I have not had as much time to play Dragon Age II since launch but I have enjoyed every minute I have played.  The game has the familier feeling of the first game with lots of stream lines and graphical improvements.  I decided to play my first run through as a Witty Wizard, focusing my skills and traits on the Earth and Force trees.  I don’t plan to look up any of the trophies or go back and change any of my decisions to help avoid spoilers.

The story narration is an interesting way to tell the story with two different points of view.  I am enjoying it so far and have been trying to complete all the quests in Kirkwell before moving on to next story point.  I loaded one of my finished games for Dragon Age: Origins and have already ran across some quest that were affected by the choices I made in the previous game.  While they were not large game changing quests it’s a nice touch and it helped me remember the choices I made.  Already after about 15 hours I have been introduced to many different and unique characters that have join my group.  I find it now sometimes difficult to decide who to bring along questing depending on how I want the make up of my group.  I am usually adventuring with a Tank, Healer, Rogue and myself (DPS Mage).  So far I have had only a few chances to start building romantic relationships with some team mates (its been equal between male and female characters).

The combat have been fun and frantic at times.  I am only playing on the normal difficulty setting for my first play through and have had to redo a few battles already.  I like how they have set up the skill trees and added individualized ones for each member of your group.  This adds a nice new twist when building up a characters skills and relationship with you.

I am looking forward to my next adventure in Dragon Age II.  I should have a few free hours to tie up loose ends in the city tomorrow night and continue my quest to become the Champion!

Drop a comment and tell me what you guys think so far, I am interested in hearing some other opinions.


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