Addicted to Dragon Age II

Well I have to say I am fully addicted to Dragon Age II!  Even when I set time aside to blog I find myself with a PS3 controller in my hand out questing with Hawke and the gang.  The more I play DA2 it seems the more I get pulled in to the story and each of its different threads. 

I am truly enjoying playing the Witty Mage with Hawke, the joking and bantering between the quest givers and the group is very entertaining.  I have made Hawke into a devastating area of effect killer and back up healer.  So far this has work out really well in most of the battles I have fought.  There is only one exception to this and that is when I tried to fight a dual and realized I had no chance of winning.  This is one of the story arcs that I wish I could have done differently, but as you find when playing this game sometimes your choices range from bad to even worse and there be nothing you can do!

I had the joy of running into another character from Dragon Age: Origins during one of the major battles I fought last night.  It’s strange to remember that I am not a Grey Warden in this game after being one in the first game.  The encounter reminded me that as much fun as I was having mucking around in the city there were other forces at work out there.  Speaking of the first game, another of my choices from DA:O was brought to my attention as well when talking to a Templar in Kirkwall. I had actually forgotten that we didn’t save the mage tower in Ferelden in my first play though, oh well who said the life of a Mage was ever easy.

I only have a few minor gripes after playing about 35-40 hours of Dragon Age II.  The first is the repetitiveness of some of the explore able areas, but I can sort of off write this to the fact that we never range that far from Kirkwall.  Another minor irritation is the fact that my game has crashed 3 times on me while playing.  This so far has not caused me any major problems because of the timely auto save but if it happens during a hard boss battle that I am about to win I might be a bit turned off.

All in all this is a very solid game with an amazing story and great combat.  I cannot wait for these next couple of shifts to fly by so I can spend some time with my ladies and maybe a little Dragon Age as well.


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