Dragon Age II: Final Verdict

I finally completed my first play through a few days ago and really enjoyed the experience.

My final stat line was:

Time: 44:45

Level: 22 (Mage)

Specializations: Force Mage, Spirit Healer

Trophy Count: 62%

I did not realize how close to the end I was in my last post in which I covered most of my Pros and Cons. So below is just a point form versions of them with a few changes.

Pros: Improved Battle and Upgrade systems, Character Interactions, Graphics, Story Line, Trophies.

Cons: Repetitive Environments, Second chapter better than final, Ending (Cinematic after you complete the game).

Overall I think Dragon age 2 is one of the better games I have played in a long time. I have already started my second trek through KirkWall as a Warrior trying to take paths not traveled by my Witty Mage. My next step will be deciding if I should purchase the Exiled Prince DLC.

Let me know what you think about the game, please leave me a comment if you either agree or disagree with my opinions.


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