The many fates of Alistair in DA2.

Poor Alistair, at the whims of the player at the end of Dragon Age: Origins.  There are many different choices for how this noble Grey Warden will end up being portrayed in Dragon Age 2.  I finished Dragon Age: Origins twice with completely different ending for Alister and am now currently on my second play through in Dragon Age 2 and the future of Alistair is vastly different.

During my first play through I chose to accept Morrigans option in the battle with the Archdemon.  With this ending I meet Alister in DA2 during the last part of chapter 2,  my Codex got updated saying:

“A hero of the recent Fifth Blight, the Grey Warden Alistair is credited alongside the Hero of Ferelden with slaying the Archdemon and sparing Thedas the ravaged of the darkspawn.  Rumor has it that he is an heir to the Fereldan Throne, but that he turned it down in deference to Queen Anora, daughter of the traitorous Teyrn Loghain.”

My second time through DA:O I was working on getting most of the trophies that I missed so I recruited Teyrn Loghain.  This really rubbed Alistair the wrong way and he ends up leaving my company.  With this ending the future is not as bright for Alister.  In DA2 I end up running into him at the Hanged Man down on his luck, after spotting him a fellow comes and takes Alistair away hoping to help get him back on track.  The codex for this future for Alistair reads:

“Once a Grey Warden, and rumored to be the bastard son of King Maric of Fereldon, Alistair turned down the throne and abandoned his order at the height of the Fifth Blight in Fereldon.  He has slipped into anoymity, living down his disgrace in a drunken stupor in the Free Marches.”

Its interesting how different the future is for this Grey Warden.  I still need to finish DA:O once more to hopefully to get the platinum and this time I plan to put Alistair on the throne.  It will be interesting to see if he makes an appearance DA2 with this future.  If anyone has done this I would be interested to hear if you ran across Alistair.

Note: I got this amazing picture of Alistair by artastrophe from:


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