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Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks for winning their third Western Conference title last night.

Only 4 more wins to go to hoist Lord Stanley!


#^:&, Just my Luck… Grrrr!

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Bloody hell I would like to catch a break now and again.  With trying to deal with all the stuff in my last post my computer was nice enough to catch a virus.


I know I didn’t click on any links from questionable or friends emails but I still ended up getting this nice little warning from AGV Free saying its found a Malware and should it be quarantined. Of course I say yes and it does its business, after that just to make sure I run a full scan.  The scan came back virus free so I rebooted my computer and poof none of my start up programs are coming up.  When I try to open up AGV it asks me what program to open it with and then stated it cannot find c:\\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe. Perfect.

Now the choice is downloading the file on my laptop and put it on my desktop and hopefully not corrupt my thumb drive and try and save my computer, bring it in to MDG and get them to wipe it and reinstall Windows XP for about 130$, or find a copy of the disks from a friend and do it myself.  I am not really worried about loosing much from my hard drive except all my screen shots from the various MMO’s I have played.

I almost wrote “Oh well, life goes on” but I have to admit I am getting frustrated.  I was hoping to download Rift and try its 7 day trial and play it over the long weekend.  I also have a few internal job postings at work I need to make cover letters and a resume for.

Bah. Everything is not all bad I do have thinks to be thankful for like my families health and the Canucks currently have a 2 goal lead in game 2 of the Conference finals against the Sharks.

I try my best to be optimistic even when things a looking down. 🙂

Starting to hate the Digital Age

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Well over the last few weeks I have gotten a few not so pleasant emails.

The first was from Sony saying that there servers been hacked and all my information might have been compromised. Then a few days later Blizzard sends me a nice email stating my (WoW) account has been recently modified. I have not logged into this account for years, needless to say that I am a little concerned. So off I send an email to Blizzards billing department to see if any chargers have been made and to tell then it was not me.

Bah, what a mess! Oh well technology is good (most of the time), but now I might get a low limit credit card for my gaming needs.

Ok, Time relax and forget my woes and watch Thor on the big screen.

Let’s hope it’s good 😉

What would you pay per hour to play a MMO?

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I have been seriously been thinking about getting back into playing an MMO, specifically Final Fantasy XIV (yes I do think I am addicted).  I have been trying to figure out roughly how many hours I would play a week and if it would justify the commitment of about 15$ a month (9.99 $ Service Fees + 3.00$ Character Fee + Taxes and exchange).  I think it’s reasonable to say that I could get about 5-8 hours of gaming in a week and if I spend most of my time in Eorzea that would calculate out to be about 45 cents an hour to play.

As a casual MMOer I under stand that I will be paying a higher price per hour to play any MMO with a monthly fee and I do wish some of them offered reasonable pay per hour rates. Since that is not an option here, 45 cents an hour does not seem unjustifiable compared to spending around 10$ to catch a movie in theaters or even 5$ to rent one and they usually last only a few hours.  I really enjoy sense of community that you get with playing an MMO and I think I am willing to pay a premium for that over just buying a single player game every few months for a consul.

I would like to hear what other people would be willing to pay per hour for a MMO?  Please check out my poll at the top right of the page or feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.

Missing my Mates in Seraphim

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Its been a long time since I really felt a sense of kinship with a guild that I have joined in any MMO, basically since I subscribed to Ever Quest 2 about 5 years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I have met a lot of great people playing WoW, DDO, and Warhammer but never felt part of a group, just more of a silent observer.

That all changed when I joined Seraphim even before Final Fantasy XIV was released.  It was evident that I had the fortune to run across a bunch of people who though the same as me and wanted to play for fun and to help out guild mates.  There was a real sense that everyone was there to make the guild the best it could be instead of just personal gain.

I would like to give a little thanks to everyone in Seraphim for their help and friendship.  A special thanks goes out to Holy Dragoon, Kia, Cyan, Fate, and Asohi1, I wish you all the best.

Xanadu Virtue, former Miqo’te Thaumaturge of Seraphim