What would you pay per hour to play a MMO?

I have been seriously been thinking about getting back into playing an MMO, specifically Final Fantasy XIV (yes I do think I am addicted).  I have been trying to figure out roughly how many hours I would play a week and if it would justify the commitment of about 15$ a month (9.99 $ Service Fees + 3.00$ Character Fee + Taxes and exchange).  I think it’s reasonable to say that I could get about 5-8 hours of gaming in a week and if I spend most of my time in Eorzea that would calculate out to be about 45 cents an hour to play.

As a casual MMOer I under stand that I will be paying a higher price per hour to play any MMO with a monthly fee and I do wish some of them offered reasonable pay per hour rates. Since that is not an option here, 45 cents an hour does not seem unjustifiable compared to spending around 10$ to catch a movie in theaters or even 5$ to rent one and they usually last only a few hours.  I really enjoy sense of community that you get with playing an MMO and I think I am willing to pay a premium for that over just buying a single player game every few months for a consul.

I would like to hear what other people would be willing to pay per hour for a MMO?  Please check out my poll at the top right of the page or feel free to leave a comment with your opinion.


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