#^:&, Just my Luck… Grrrr!

Bloody hell I would like to catch a break now and again.  With trying to deal with all the stuff in my last post my computer was nice enough to catch a virus.


I know I didn’t click on any links from questionable or friends emails but I still ended up getting this nice little warning from AGV Free saying its found a Malware and should it be quarantined. Of course I say yes and it does its business, after that just to make sure I run a full scan.  The scan came back virus free so I rebooted my computer and poof none of my start up programs are coming up.  When I try to open up AGV it asks me what program to open it with and then stated it cannot find c:\\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe. Perfect.

Now the choice is downloading the file on my laptop and put it on my desktop and hopefully not corrupt my thumb drive and try and save my computer, bring it in to MDG and get them to wipe it and reinstall Windows XP for about 130$, or find a copy of the disks from a friend and do it myself.  I am not really worried about loosing much from my hard drive except all my screen shots from the various MMO’s I have played.

I almost wrote “Oh well, life goes on” but I have to admit I am getting frustrated.  I was hoping to download Rift and try its 7 day trial and play it over the long weekend.  I also have a few internal job postings at work I need to make cover letters and a resume for.

Bah. Everything is not all bad I do have thinks to be thankful for like my families health and the Canucks currently have a 2 goal lead in game 2 of the Conference finals against the Sharks.

I try my best to be optimistic even when things a looking down. 🙂


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