My top 5 Final Fantasy`s

I was listening to a recent IGN podcast Beyond (189) in which there were talking about the Final Fantasy Series.  This got me thinking about my long history with the series and what are my favorite ones.  I must admit I am starting to show my age with this because I remember buying the first Final Fantasy for the NES when I was a kid.  Final Fantasy also has had an influence on my console purchases when Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation instead of the new Nintendo system, I switched and have never looked back.

Over the past 20 to 25 years I have spent hundreds of hours playing Final Fantasy`s.  I have not played all the Final Fantasy`s that have been released in North America missing both III and V. There are some that I have played through more than once and others that I have not beaten but they all have their own charm.

Ok, now to my top 5.  It took me a while to figure out the order but here goes nothing.

1. FF VI (Super NES) – Amazing story and game play.

2. FF IV (Super NES) – Dragoon has to be my favorite class.

3. FF IX (PlayStation) – Great throwback full of character.

4. FF (NES) – The Original hard as nails.  Only 9 spells per level… try doing that now!

5. FF VII (PlayStation) – Evolution of the RPG.

You might notice that most of my favorites are on the older systems.  I have enjoyed the recent Final Fantasy releases but I have always found something lacking with them.  With FF X I didn`t like the leveling system, FF XII never sucked me in (I was playing EverQuest 2 at the time and might not have given it enough of a chance), and FF XIII has a great battle system but the story was just a little to bubble gum for me.

I would like to make a quick note about Final Fantasy XI and XIV.  I have played both these games for only a limited amount of time but really enjoyed them.  I hope to give FF XIV another chance to crack my top 5 when it is released for the PS3 sometime in the future.

Please let me know what is your favorite Final Fantasy game by leaving me a comment.


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