Waiting for FFXIV on the PS3

I am starting to get the MMO itch again, specifically to try Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 (whenever it gets released). I really want to try a console MMO but DC Universe is not my cup of tea.

I hope this is not another short term excursion through Eorzea. With my Little Princess sleeping better I should have more time to play. I might have to do some negotiating with my Beautiful Wife and block out some time every other week for dedicated FFXIV gaming. This should allow me to do some larger group events. I had a good time exploring and meeting great people in my first trip to Eorzea, I hope a few of them are still around.

All this craving for MMO’s should not be takes as stand alone games suck, I am really enjoying playing stand alone games but there is something missing. I enjoy the social aspect of MMO but I also miss the feeling of character ownership and advancement.

With a few more months until FFXIV is released on the PS 3 I hope to finish inFAMOUS and Castlevania : LoS. You never know Final Fantasy XIV for the PS3 might get bumped back again giving me time to play Uncharted 3, but I hope not. I think the PS3 release is what the game needs to get a well needed infusion of new players.

Only time will tell….


2 Responses to “Waiting for FFXIV on the PS3”

  1. I am planning on playing FFXI when I can get a 3d secure credit card. Wanna play with me on a server? 🙂

  2. arthur1977 Says:

    I was thinking of heading back to the Mysidia server and hopefully hook up with my old LinkShell Seraphim. Let me know if that interests you.

    It still might be a while before I am online. Keep me up to date on when you might be going online.

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