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All Work and No Play….

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Finding time to play video games is getting harder and harder these days.  I have started a new role where I work for the next six months that has me working days rather than shift.  This is a major change for me since I have been a shift worker for the last decade.  Its put an even bigger hit on my video game playing!  I am use to at least once a week staying up until 4am gaming getting ready for nights and now that opportunity now no longer exists.

Even though my gaming is going to suffer this new position is a nice break from working on the factory floor and is forcing me to use my mind again.  I should be heading back to shift work after this role is done and will ramp up my gaming once again.  This does put a wrinkle in getting back to playing Final Fantasy XIV as I tend to be only jumping in for an hour from time to time.  I am really enjoying spending time online with my guild mates in Seraphim, I just wish I had more time to do it.

Oh well, until then time to focus on work… wow never though I would say that!


Winnipeg Jets

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I really like the new look of the Winnipeg Jets logo that was unveiled yesterday. My biggest concern was that they might make it to complicated, but their design is simple, sleek, and sharp.

The fact that it was inspired by the logo of the Royal Canadian Air Force adds a very nice touch to it. Its not enough for me to make them my favorite team (Go Canucks), but I will think about buying a jersey when they come out.

Career Opportunities

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Well recently I have had the fortune of interviewing for a few jobs internally with the company I work for.  As fate would have it I actually got on the list for all the positions, the problem is I can only choose one.  The two main jobs that have my attention offer very different situations, one is days for 20% less than I am earning now where the other one is shift work (rotating days and nights) with about a 20% pay raise after 2 years.  I will only have a few days to decide what my fate will be for the next couple of years.

If you had the chance what job would you take?

Back in the fold

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Well the nice people running Seraphim were kind enough to let me rejoin their ranks after taking a few months off of Final Fantasy XIV.  Its been great getting back to Final Fantasy XIV and being in Seraphim has enhanced that.  Everyone has been very helpful both in game and on the guild forums to educate me on different skills and armor that I should be looking to acquire as I rank up my main class Lancer.

I finally figured out my computer issues and installed Mumble to chat with everyone last night.  I had a great time just hanging out in Ul’dah getting to know some guild members better over my 90 minutes of time in game.  Over that time a few guild mates were nice enough to help fit me with a new lance and a full set of armor!  Thanks for all the equipment Aku, Chick Norris and Kai Katzchen!

SWG shutting down.

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I was shocked at how sad I was to hear that Star Wars Galaxies was shutting down on December 15, 2011.  I have not seriously played SWG for about 5 years now but it was the game that introduced me to the world of MMO’s and some great people I still keep in contact with today.

This is a little walk down memory lane but I remember first getting introduced to SWG at my friend Ted’s house one afternoon when our game of AD&D happened to get canceled.  While we were hanging out he mentioned he just got a great new Star Wars game and he wanted to show it to our friend Bob and I.  After watching him wander around for about 2 hours out side Coronet just exploring I was sold. To join him would require me to buy a new computer and purchase the game, both I accomplished in under a week (man those days when I had disposable income, now I would have to budget for a few months!).  With my new system running Dago (Ted) and Gutvik (me) set out to explore the vast universe!  Shortly into our adventure we ran in to a very charismatic individual named Octavious and he invited us in to his budding guild named A New Hope (ANH) and we agreed, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my years of MMOing.

Over the next three or so years I spent many hundred hours with these amazing people batting, exploring or just hanging out in our player city on Dantooine (I think thats where it was).  During that time there are great memories and some ones that put in perspective how addictive and destructive MMO gaming could be.  I remember the day our guild mate Weasley had to quit SWG due to the fact that he was spending to much time in game that is was affecting his home life with his wife and little one.  It kind of hits home now thinking of it with a wife and little one of my own.

Here is a list of some of my better memories from my time in SWG:

* Having to create my own weapons because the economy had not developed to allow weapon smiths to specialize in their trade.

*Exploring a whole planet on foot.  A few of friends and I spent an evening exploring some planet on foot looking for Points of Interests and just spending time joking around (speeders were not introduced yet).

* Being in Coronet after the addition of Speeders with a small bug that didn’t make them disappear when got off them.  The city was full of speeders that almost brought the city to a halt due to lag.  I wish I still had the screens shots!

* Just being a Master Smuggle, splicing weapons and dealing spice!

* Sitting it the cantina  just relaxing with my guild mates.

I truly wish I was smart enough when I picked up my new computer to transfer over all my old SWG screen shots.

I think this game has ideas that new developers could learn from.  The ability to build and run your own player city and have your own houses is amazing, I spent hours just hanging looted weapons and pictures on the wall making my home my own.  Character customization was also more developed then most current MMO’s.  With the ability to have another player change your appearance in game offered lots of options if you decided to give your character a newer look.  Lastly the ability before NGE  to mix and match your skills and create unique and individualized characters might never be matched.

I would like to thank all my guild mates in ANH and RGU for all the great memories.  Thanks Freckles, Inremos, Dago, Apollo, Octavious, Aby and so many more I cannot remember now.  I have to admit you guys set the bar so high that I have never found a guild that has matched for friendship or general game enjoyment since.

Starting new in Ul’dah

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Rhys Alric entered Ul’dah in a covered carriage with little fan fare, the Highlander was just another refuge from the war.  He had traveled here after hearing all the stories about this great city hoping that he might find other adventures to help him get back to his homeland of Ala Mhigo. 

With only a weathered gladius to his name he knew the path might be long and hard, but with hope came determination.  As he stepped off the carriage and looked around the beautiful city the future was starting to look brighter and thoughts of striking back at the Garlean Empire finally seemed possible.