Back in the fold

Well the nice people running Seraphim were kind enough to let me rejoin their ranks after taking a few months off of Final Fantasy XIV.  Its been great getting back to Final Fantasy XIV and being in Seraphim has enhanced that.  Everyone has been very helpful both in game and on the guild forums to educate me on different skills and armor that I should be looking to acquire as I rank up my main class Lancer.

I finally figured out my computer issues and installed Mumble to chat with everyone last night.  I had a great time just hanging out in Ul’dah getting to know some guild members better over my 90 minutes of time in game.  Over that time a few guild mates were nice enough to help fit me with a new lance and a full set of armor!  Thanks for all the equipment Aku, Chick Norris and Kai Katzchen!


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