All Work and No Play….

Finding time to play video games is getting harder and harder these days.  I have started a new role where I work for the next six months that has me working days rather than shift.  This is a major change for me since I have been a shift worker for the last decade.  Its put an even bigger hit on my video game playing!  I am use to at least once a week staying up until 4am gaming getting ready for nights and now that opportunity now no longer exists.

Even though my gaming is going to suffer this new position is a nice break from working on the factory floor and is forcing me to use my mind again.  I should be heading back to shift work after this role is done and will ramp up my gaming once again.  This does put a wrinkle in getting back to playing Final Fantasy XIV as I tend to be only jumping in for an hour from time to time.  I am really enjoying spending time online with my guild mates in Seraphim, I just wish I had more time to do it.

Oh well, until then time to focus on work… wow never though I would say that!


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