MMO Experiment over :(

Well I tried to get back into the MMO ring and got TKOed by bad timing.  I started playing FFXIV again over my vacation and really enjoyed all the changes that they made to make the game more player friendly.  I got back in with Seraphim (the best guild I have been associated with in years) and was working Rhys Alric through the story content and enjoying myself greatly.

Then I got a phone call saying I got one of the jobs I applied for at work and would be switching from shift to straight days for the first time in a decade. This new posting is a great chance for me work on some very interesting projects and get myself off the factory floor.  I didn’t quite realize how much this would affect my gaming but since I started it 2 weeks ago FFXIV has faded into the back ground.  Shift work for me tended to open up a lot of late night gaming sessions switching from days to nights (at least an extra 6-8 gaming hours a week), with that missing and spending time with my family MMO gaming is going to have to take the hit.

I look forward to a number of PS3 games coming out this fall and they will just have to occupy my time until I try my hand at the MMO ring again.  I have a feeling I will stay up to date on the happening in Final Fantasy XIV, if my memory is correct I have re-subscribed to FFXI three times.  The only real thing I would like to work on before then is becoming less shy on the mic and go from a helpful ghost to a more active member of my guild.

For all my friends in Seraphim, all the best and hopefully I will be back again 🙂  Third time is the charm, right?


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