Vive le Resistance…..3!

I have to admit I am really looking forward to picking up my copy of Resistance 3 on Tuesday.  The main reason for me looking forward to the release of R3 is the fact that they went back to having split screen multi player functionality again.  I enjoyed beating the first Resistance a lot more then the second release because I did it hanging out with a few friends playing split screen. 

The fact that R3 has that option again is AWASOME!  I already plan to head over to a friend’s house next Friday night and donate some trophies to his PSN account (he really needs them).  The online Co-op is another good selling point for me, one of my oldest friends now lives in Brussels and it gives us the chance to game again together as we get caught up.

Thank you Insomniac!  I plan to enjoy many hours of killing Chimera 🙂

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