My Resistance 3 Review

I finally finished Resistance 3 Friday night and think it’s best one yet. The campaign sends you from the small town of Haven to the big city, New York. The environments and characters are beautifully rendered and bring a sense of desperation that fits the story. The voice acting makes you relate to the characters.

I am glad they went back and brought the weapon wheel from Resistance: Fall of Man. It’s great having a variety weapons to chose from and upgrading them really helps out when you are approaching the end of the game.

The ability to play split screen Co-op really boosted the appeal of Resistance 3 for me (even if you co-op partner is a ghost to the NPC’s telling the story). I have spent about 6 hours playing with my friends locally and we have made it to chapter 13 (I think, very early NY). Having the extra firepower of a partner is extremely helpful in some of the more intensive battles.

I have only spent a few hours playing online multi player and love how the maps are from all over the world. Leveling up and being able to select different skill for your character really helps to fit the players game style.

Overall I think this game is amazing. It’s graphics and gameplay are all well done. The story is enjoyable but for my taste I hoped the ending would have been a little different. I would have liked to have learned more of the Chimera and their history on earth, but that can be fixed by making another game. If you have a PS3 and enjoy first person shooters I strongly suggest you get your hands on a copy of Resistance 3!

Also if you enjoy podcasts check out The Resistance 3 spoiler cast done by the great people at IGN.


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