Please Stay Calm!

Please Stay Calm is fun little survivor horror game that transforms your current location into a Zombie filled play ground.  As you check out each location on your map you get the option to either search it for supplies or KILL ZOMBIES!  Both actions are equally important as supplies are used to increase your weapons armor and you need money to buy them.  You also have the option of dueling your other zombie fighting partners throughout the land.  You can level different areas of your character up to become a better zombie hunter, dueler or scavenger.  A nice feature is the ability to set up safe houses in areas to partner up with other players.  You can upgrade your safe house buy putting money into perks like doing more damage or having stronger armor.

I only have a few little drawbacks with this great title.  Being in a more spaced out area I am limited to people I can duel or have to take a distance penalty.  Secondly, no matter where I put my outposts I still get a docked a % for them being too far away. My mistake with this issue, I figured out that if you are if you are currently at the location of your outpost your receive no penalty its only when you do all your collecting from the main menu.

Besides those draw backs I am really enjoying killing zombies in my community.  I even slide out at lunch to quickly scavenge for a few more supplies. I am looking forward to seeing how this game develops going forward!


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  1. OCCpsc Says:

    Reblogged this on Oakmont Country Club and commented:
    This is what PSC used to look like! This seems to ramble on about the game but just thought to share this with you.

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