My Please Stay Calm Strategy

Well, I have been playing Please Stay Calm for about a week and I am still hooked.  There seems to be a variety of different ways to experience this amazing game.  You can try going full Extreme zombie hunter, Scavenger extraordinaire, Dual Master or a mix of all three.

I have decided to take the split Scavenger / Duel Master route.  I have spent the last several days working on getting my Safe House to level 2 with the 2 dueling trees maxed out.  I have been spending most of my energy not on Killing Zombies (leveling up) but scavenging for supplies to upgrade all my weapons and armor.  While doing this I have also started dueling other zombie hunters in the area.  To not over tax the people in my local area I have been expanding my dueling area by just randomly typing in a few characters to see who comes up.

This strategy has been working well for me because I tend to be a relaxed gamer, for those looking for more glory I would suggest a Zombie Hunter focus with a bit of scavenger for upgrades would defiantly be the way to go.  That is one of the great aspects about this game, you can play it any way you choose.

If you want to share your strategy please post it in the comment section and I will share it for anyone interested.  Also if you want to make a few suggestions to improve my game plan feel free I am always willing to listen.


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