Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Well I finally managed to find time to go back and finish Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and truly enjoyed the experience.  This game has to have some of the most beautiful background scenery of any game I can remember.  The story was engaging and kept me wanting to turn my PS3 back on and continue Gabriel’s quest for the God Mask. 

I have limited recent experience playing this style of game since I never tried my hand at playing The God of War series and I found the bosses challenging on anything but the Skirmish (easy) setting.  The puzzles and plat forming parts of the story we really well designed and a nice break from the pure carnage sections of the game.  I do admit I cheated a little by referencing the games walkthrough done by Colin on  My main reason for doing this was to guarantee that I found all the gems I could to upgrade my health and magic (trust me I needed them!). 

I have been a casual Castlevania fan for years and like the new main character they introduced into the series in Gabriel Belmont.  I liked all the twists and turns at the end of the game and the nice little cut scene at the end of the credits left me intrigued on how they planned to continue this series.  I hope that Lords of Shadow was successful enough that a sequel is in the plans to continue Gabriel’s quest.

After all was said and done I would up with 28% of the trophies and a very enjoyable experience playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  I would recommend this game to God of War fans and anyone who likes a beautifully designed action plat former.


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