Is the Final Fantasy series in trouble?

When listening to last week’s IGN Podcast BEYOND! (#212?) they commented on an article recently posted by their Final Fantasy guru Ryan Clements.  Being a huge Final Fantasy fan myself I headed over to the website and checked it out. 

Final Fantasy XV: Retro Reasoning is a great idea on how to stop the bleeding and get the Final Fantasy series back to its traditional roots.  If Square-Enix is planning on another Final Fantasy, I really hope someone stumbles across this article and takes some of the ideas to heart because I think it would help get the franchise back to where it belongs as one of the top JRPG’s on the market.

For me, the last final fantasy game that had me hooked from start to finish is there last retro styled game in Final Fantasy IX (for the PlayStation!!).  I am not saying I have not owned and beaten the other releases since then (I have even subscribed to FFXI 3 times and FFXIV twice) but none of them have gripped me enough to keep my attention.

Here’s hoping that Square-Enix realizes that something has to change sooner rather than later or their flagship franchise will fade back into background and become just another JRPG. 

For me that would be a real shame.

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