Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Talk about a nice weekend of gaming!

I got to spend about 3 hours on Friday with some friends drinking some exotic beer and playing Uncharted 3(which looks and plays amazing).  Then over the next 2 days I got immersed in the experience of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 

My little Princess was nice to me Saturday afternoon by taking a 2 hour long nap and letting me get my feet wet in Skyrim.  I really liked the opening of the game and how it kind of filled you in on the current happenings of the area.  I was surprised at the amount of race options and enjoyed reading the little bits of information that was provided.  I am enjoying playing in first person as it feels like that is how the game should be played, I generally like 3ed person but it just did not feel right in this game.  By the time I made through the opening and to the second little hamlet my little Princess was just waking up so gaming time was over.

When the house was quite again later that night I decided I wanted to reroll my character and try a different race.  I enjoyed playing the opening again and making my way back to the hamlet.  I decided to explore the hamlet some and took a quest to catch a thief that stole an item from the local store.  During my exploration to the location of where the thief was hiding I explored some beautiful locations and forgot how much I liked open world games after playing the likes of Dragon Age I+II and Final Fantasy XIII.  Having the freedom just to wonder the world is very refreshing and I have a feeling it will add numerous hours of game play. 

Sunday night I managed to free up a few more hours to play.  By this time I had made it the where the Thief was hiding and started exploring the new location.  I got to refine my rusty battle skills while searching for the thief; my current setup is having a spell equipped in my left hand and a battle axe in my right (a system that is working well so far).  I have a feeling as the game progresses I will be becoming more of a magic user than hack and slasher but like the option of trying both in the beginning.  By the end of the night I had managed to catch the thief, explore where he was hiding, and return the item for a nice little reward.  A quite satisfying ending to my gaming session.

After only about 6 hours playing I have to say I am LOVING this game.  The game is beautiful, diverse, and so full of life and I cannot wait to jump back in.


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