One Dragon Down…

Well I finally have advanced the game far enough to battle my first dragon (truth be told I have played numerous hours since this monumental kill but have been too busy to blog).  It was a fun battle that left me battered and bruised but triumphant!   

I am now just starting to get use to being a pure magic user but tend to find myself on longer battles having my trusty axe in hand for the killing blow.  I started picking Perks to enhance my spell casting abilities focusing on both the destruction (hehehe Fire!) and alteration (Oakskin) schools.  Enchanting is another area I hope to put some focus into so I dropped a few points in there as well, but truth be told I still need to level up in this a lot more to make any good enchantments.  I think Mage will be a little more challenging to master then a well armored fighter, oh well I just cannot resist throwing a nice fireball into a crowd of enemies.


All in all I am still enjoying running around in the beautiful world.  I admit to taking my lumps a few times after wandering into areas that were out of my league, but that is one of the things I enjoy about open world gaming.


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