An adventure around every corner… (maybe spoilers?)

Since I have made my decision to focus on becoming a Wizard I decided to make the track to the College of Winterhold.  While crossing the frozen wasteland I happened to run into the settlement of Alftand. Exploring the destroyed settlement I found an entrance to the Alftand Glacial Ruins and headed in.

The ruins are beautifully crafted dwarven stone work that is starting to crumble over time.  As I kept going deeper and started running in to mechanical Dwarven Spiders trying to block my way to little effect.  Part way down I happened upon some adventures that didn’t have as much luck as I surviving the horrors of the ruins.  After continuing down I made it to the Alftand Animonculory, in here I ran across a new enemy called the Felmers trying to block my way.

This is where my adventure currently stands.  I love exploring various points that I discover even when I am not at a level high enough to complete them.


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