It’s all about the little things!

I enjoy playing games for the little touches put in by the developers and Skyrim keeps on surprising me.  While playing Skyrim I have been captured by a case of wanderlust and have been exploring the beautiful world more than following the main quest line.  This has caused me to clear out some areas that I have been asked to venture to in quests after I had cleared it out and stripped it of treasures.  One example of this was my quest for the Mage in Dragonspire, he asked me to venture for a particular item in an area I had already combed top to bottom.  To my shock when I handed him the item he was looking for without leaving his presence he did not do the staple “Welcome back” speech but responded that maybe he misjudged me and that I was more than just a common adventure after all , a nice touch.

Another good example is when I cleared out Fort Greymoor of bandits I left a locked expert chest behind before continuing my adventure.  After I have gotten more experience in lock picking I decided to travel back and pick the lock (fast travel is so nice for stuff like this!).  I entered the fort only to realize it was now occupied by Imperial Troops.  In most games I would have expected the bandits to simply respawn, so seeing Imperial Troops was a nice surprise even if they were not too nice to the guy who liberated their Fort.

These are just little things but it shows how much thought the Bethesda put into making Skyrim.


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