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10 days late but I’m in..

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For being a patient individual I finally got frustrated at Best Buy for not having copies of SWTOR and hit up EB Games for my copy (gift cards be dammed).

After my ladies went to sleep I logged in and started making some characters. Needless to say after 90 minutes of making and remaking my toons I finally started my life as a Smuggler named Gutvik on Vulkar Highway.

After all that time creating I only got to play the first few quests on the starter planet. I like the cover mechanic and how it shows you where go when you activate it. I am use to playing ranged characters so this class fits nicely with my play style, I do think I will level a Jedi Consular as an alt just to try out the double handed Lightsaber! My next step with my Smuggler is to figure out what specialty class to be and pick some crew skills.

Well that is it for now, everyone have a Happy New Year!! I will see you all in 2012.


Good old hockey game!

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Last night was a blast!

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone of the Canadians and Senators game.

It was a great game with the visiting Canadians beating the Senators handily 6-2. I was a good road trip with a group of friends, getting to sit 2 rows from the ice for a period was a nice Christmas treat.


Now I just need to pick up a few tickets the next time my Vancouver Canucks make the trip to Ontario!

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone, hopefully Santa left you some great gifts!

A Happy Holidays to all!

A long time ago….

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With the pre order early start here I decided to try Star Wars: The Old Republic for a few hours this weekend.

The game is beautiful even being played on my 3 year old computer. The story starts off strong and voice dialog is appreciated compared to reading text boxes in other MMO’s.

I have enjoyed my time so far in game so much that I am thinking of buying a copy even if I can only play a few hours a week.

I have played a Smuggler and Jedi Consular to try one range and melee class. Both are fun with interesting beginning story lines while you get a feel for the class.

Overall this game looks SWEET! I might just have to in the new year take a serious look at this title.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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Ok, I am in a rush and having problems getting the video to show but check out this link and tell me this game does not look AWASOME!

Please Stay Calm over the Holidays

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Everyone is getting in to the Christmas spirit, including the Zombies!

I like all the upgrades that Massive Damage has developed for Please Stay Calm.  Friends, Healing and randomized Dueling lists are all great additions.  This little winter wonderland package is a nice treat over the Holiday season, I wonder are we going to get a rabid Zombie Easter Bunny in the future?

It’s that time of year!

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