10 days late but I’m in..

For being a patient individual I finally got frustrated at Best Buy for not having copies of SWTOR and hit up EB Games for my copy (gift cards be dammed).

After my ladies went to sleep I logged in and started making some characters. Needless to say after 90 minutes of making and remaking my toons I finally started my life as a Smuggler named Gutvik on Vulkar Highway.

After all that time creating I only got to play the first few quests on the starter planet. I like the cover mechanic and how it shows you where go when you activate it. I am use to playing ranged characters so this class fits nicely with my play style, I do think I will level a Jedi Consular as an alt just to try out the double handed Lightsaber! My next step with my Smuggler is to figure out what specialty class to be and pick some crew skills.

Well that is it for now, everyone have a Happy New Year!! I will see you all in 2012.


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