Level 10, Decision time!

Gunslinger or Scoundrel?

Monster DPS or Healer / Stealth / Support DPS?

Well I finally made it to level 10 with my newly minted Smuggler last night and soon it will be decision time. I am still working my way through the beginner world so there is no rush on the decision between my advanced class options. I am strongly leaning towards the Scoundrel for its multipurpose usefulness, even though I love playing DPS classes (usually Ranged/Magic users). The thought of being able to heal, stealth, and cause some damage in this case is just to appealing to turn down, and I also think will help make me more valuable in a group.

I am really enjoying playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, almost to the point where I was tempted on canceling plans for Friday night just to run with my guild mates to fight some world bosses (I still might be a little low for that though). For a MMO this game so far has done a really good job building an interesting story as it teaches you about the game. I am looking forward to grouping with some people soon to try the Heroic 2+ quests that are on the beginning planet then head out to explore the rest of the vast universe BioWare has created.


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