Republic vs. Empire

I have been exploring both sides of conflict in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I now have a Level 13 Scoundrel (Healing) and a level 12 Sith Sorcerer (DPS).

I have enjoyed playing my Sorcerer a little more than my Scoundrel because I have been partying with my cousin (a level 27 Bounty Hunter). We ran “The Black Talon” last time we were on and I really enjoyed the experience. I am use to the style of play with the Sorcerer because I normally play Mage or long range DPS classes in MMO’s.

As for my Scoundrel, the class story is very interesting. I generally do not play short range DPS / Healers so I am just getting use to this style of play. This guy is in a guild with friends from back when I played SWG, the problem is that on average I am 20 levels behind then so grouping has been difficult.

Soon I might have to make a big choice. I don’t have a lot of free time to play so to get one character to max level I have to pick. The one bonus is that my cousin might be willing to roll a character on my Scoundrel’s server.

Hmmmm… Purple Lightning or Blasters and Medpacks…..

Its going to be a tough decision! What side do you prefer?


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