Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Impressions

I know I am a little behind the time but I just finished Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception late last night and loved it. Like the Uncharted’s before it, this game has great suspense, breath taking platforming and a engaging story that pulls you in.

I played the game on just normal difficulty and did not have more than a handful of battles that were truly challenging. I enjoyed the puzzles and for the most part given some time and a little thought were straight forward to solve. The visuals and scene design for this game are amazing, Naughty Dog just keeps on impressing me every time the release another Uncharted. I does seem this version of the game is a little easier then the previous 2 combat wise, making me think I should have tried the game on hard (another silver trophy!!).

Overall, it took me about ten and a half hours to beat, I found 56 treasures, and ended up with 57% of the trophies. The only trophies I looked up online were the chapter specific ones like Ride the Crocodile, and Quick Study.

This game easily jumps one of my top 3 PS3 games making a strong argument for the top spot! If this is the last game of the Uncharted franchise on the PS3, Naughty Dog made an truly magnificent trilogy of games.

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