Freedom for the first time in 21 months

For the first time since my Wife and I have had our Little Princess we got to spend most of the day and night as a couple. Our little girl spent the night at my Wife’s parents house for her first sleepover.

After we dropped her off around 3pm we headed off to the mall to grab a bite to eat and wait for our movie to start. Despite worrying about how our girl was holding up it was a nice change just wandering around the two of us again. After a quick dinner at A&W we just took our time exploring different shops and chit chatting about everything.

Around 6:30 we headed over to the theater to get our seat to watch Safe House. We both enjoyed the movie and then headed home. Once my Wife went to sleep I got to play some inFamous with no interruptions and finally manage to complete it as Evil Cole.

Waking up this morning was nice not having any alarms or a little one forcing us out of bed. After hearing that my Little Princess had a good night it was time to do some much needed house work and grocery shopping. Around noon it was time to head out and pick her up.

As much as I enjoyed the evening, I do admit I missed peaking in on my girl before I went to sleep and giving her a kiss good night. Peace and quite are nice but I will still take less sleep for more time with my Little Princess any day of the week.


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