inFamous…. so good….

ImageYa I know, I am really late getting to the party on inFamous but I finally managed to complete my first play through as Evil Cole. I took a little break to play afew other games but once I booted the game back up I got fully addicted to the story. I usually do not play evil or sinister characters but it was great seeing all the changes in Cole and the story as you became more and more infamous.

ImageThey way the story unfolded in the last half of the game motivated me to start a Good Karma Cole the night after I completed it. I am trying to complete it on hard in hopes of working on getting the platinum. I have currently powered up the first island but I miss having all my upgrades and powers from my previous game.

Overall, I am impressed at the trophy haul I got over my first play through at 60%. Even though this game is a few years old it still looks great and is a blast to play. Once I am done my Good Karma run its off to the store to buy inFamous 2!

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