Square-Enix, Epic Disappointment

ImageAfter listening to the most recent IGN Podcast Beyond (#233) and checking out Square-Enix’s new teaser trailer titled “Secret Title 2012 Summer” I had high hopes! A sequel to the great PS original Final Fantasy Tactics is something I have been wanting to play for a long time.

I have lots of fond memories playing Final Fantasy tactics, figuring out what team I needed for this battle and what classes I should be trying to unlock. I did play though the couple spin offs that were put out but they never lived up to the original. With the cult following for such games I wish Square-Enix would put some though into making a sequel for the PS3 and not a hand held.

ImageThat little rant aside, I hope Crystal Conquest has a strong launch and following. Since I have basically giving up playing anything on my PC I will personally not be playing it. Its unfortunate that Square-Enix seems to be falling out of favor with a lot of gamers, and with some of its recent launches I understand that. I have loved the Final Fantasy series since the original and admit myself the last couple games have not grabbed me.

Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for another Final Fantasy Tactics game, but not hold my breath.



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