Enjoying Final Fantasy XIII-2

Needing a change of pace after completing inFamous twice I decided to pick up Final Fantasy XIII-2. I happen to luck out and it was on sale at my local video store for 30$.

I have played for about 6 hours now and am really enjoying it. I think they made some great changes to the crystarium system for leveling that improves it from the original. The addition of monsters in your party is an interesting twist, it offers up lots of ways to customize your team.

Because I got the game at a discount I picked up a 20$ PSN card to spend on the games DLC. I am a fan of Noel’s character but hate is outfit, I was about to buy a nice armor set for him until I read that he will be getting a Black Mage one soon.


I a HUGE Black Mage fan from the original Final Fantasy game so I am hoping a date for this DLC will be released soon. I do admit that I picked up the Beachwear DLC for Serah but I rotate it with the other 2 I have because I like them all. Last of my purchases is the Lighting package that is planned to be released late next month.

All in all if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series I suggest giving this game a shot. It has restored a bit of hope in the franchise for me and I plan on pre-ordering it’s next installment for the PS3.


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