The calming power of God of War?

Over the last few weeks I have been working extended hours while the project I am on nears completion. Last week was the worst hitting 57.5 hours on site and with the tight time line and groups not cooperating with one another I was in a foul mood Friday night.

I needed to get some air after I got home so I took a spin to our local Best Buy to buy a new controller. There was a sale on for the Ultimate Combo Pack so I grabbed the one with the 2 God of War games and the red controller.

The next day my Wife was nice and gave me some down time by going to her parents house with our Little Princess for the afternoon.

After completing my todo list I sat down for some tension relief. I put in the God of War: Origins Collection and selected Chains of Olympus. My experience playing GoW is minimal having only played the demo for GoW 3 so the combat system was new and interesting.


I played for about 2 hours and really enjoyed it. There is something to the thought of getting you pent up frustrations out through mindlessly brutalizing enemies in video games. After my gaming secession I felt better and realized I was letting things get to me at work and just needed to take a step back and relax. Releasing my frustration out through Kratos allowed me to calm down and think straight.

Just a few more weeks until the project I am working on is complete, let’s hope I don’t need any more of these stress relief secessions!

Thanks for letting me rant, I hope everyone has a great week.



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