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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Posted in PS3, Square Enix with tags , , , on 26/06/2012 by arthur1977

I got Deus Ex for Fathers Day and love it. I was interested in picking up the game when it released in August last year but already had way to many games to play.

I am only a few hours in and am hooked. With a strong story and various ways to play I have a feeling there are multiple play throughs in my future (time permitting). For my first time through I am going combat/hacking hybrid and have liked the choice so far. I think a pure stealth run will be my goal on the second time around. My biggest challenge so far is selecting what augmentations to take, my favorite is punching through walls to take out enemies.

Story, graphics, customizable character, and now at a bargain price! If you like any of that I suggest you pick up this great title.




Happy Fathers Day

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It’s been 16 years since I lost my father the week before Fathers Day. Mostly this week for me has been about remembering him and sad about the fact that he is not around.

Now that I am a farther the day has taken on a whole new meaning. I love watching my little girl grow, she surprises me everyday. My only wish now is that my Dad was around to enjoy her company.

So everyone celebrate your fathers today! It’s unfortunate, but they might not be around as long as you wish.

Happy Birthday Little Princess

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It’s been two great years and my Little Princess keeps on amazing me everyday. The only down side so far has been a lack of sleep, but hey, she is more then worth it 😉

Happy Birthday Little One, I Love You

Calvin 2005-2012

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Here is to a great cat with a personality all his own that was taken away way to early.

You will be missed my little Orange Hunter, rest in peace!