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Final Fantasy Memories

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This is one of the first games I remember playing and I still enjoy playing it to this day.

Here are a couple screen shot that are burned in my head from childhood.


Here is my all time favorite! You can tell Nintendo and Squaresoft had a close relationship back in the day.


Enjoy your day.


Growing up so fast!

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It’s amazing watching the changes in my Little Princess. She is just over 25 months old and surprises me everyday with what she says and does.

She has always been interested in having us read books and sing songs. Recently she has started just breaking out in songs walking around the house, from the Alphabet song, row row your boat, and many others. It’s so Cute!

She is also getting better at asking what she wants (mostly milk!) and responding to our questions. She is starting to play by herself which allows us a little more time to actually keep the house organized!

It’s not all roses. Our little one is very shy when first getting around people and recently has not been sleeping well. She also has just started the “why” phase and asks it about everything.

No matter the down side my little Princess is amazing! I cannot wait to see what she does next.

Rainbow Moon Impression

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Final Fruitkis XIII-2…..
God of Something……

These sound like other games I might have played before my gaming soul was possessed by Rainbow Moon!

I have played Rainbow Moon for about 7 hours now and am addicted.

I like the mix of seeing the enemies in the map and the option of accepting random battles. I picked up my second team member (Trisha the archer) which has increased the strategy used in every battle. I love the battle system and the different ways you can attack the enemies. The tactics of each battle are fun and trying to find a balance for kills to distribute pearls is challenging.

The other positives for me so far are the upgrade system, music, graphics, and the how you advance you characters.

The negatives, well the story is a little weak but it does have its own personal charm. The only other one I can think of just the rate you meet your team members.

Over all I am really enjoying Rainbow Moon and have just acquired the Harbor Key so I am off to continue my exploration.

Wedding, Sunshine and Wine

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Three days away from home, our first real mini trip as a family.

We are spending the weekend at Huff Estates Winery for my Brother In Laws wedding. The area is very nice with little winery’s all over the country side.


The wedding is taking place about 30 minutes away at another winery call Waupoos Estate Winery that is located on the water. Its a beautiful little site that should be very charming for a wedding.


Our little lady is suppose to be a flower girl and walk down the aisle, she is a shy little one so I am not sure that if that is going to happen.

Now hopefully the little lady has a good nap this afternoon so we can stay out late (about 10:00, lol) and enjoy the reception.

Cheers everyone, have a great weekend!

Rainbow Moon

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Add another game to my wanting to play list!

After listening to Colin Moriarty talk about this game on IGN’s Podcast Beyond! I started look into it.

The more I read, the more my interest grew. Colin’s review pushed me over the edge and now I am looking forward to playing it. I have been waiting for a game like this one the PS3 for a long time now.

I am huge Final Fantasy Tactics fan from back in the day and this game looks like it could scratch that itch. It would be great to see Square-Enix make another tactics game but I would be dreaming if I expected it anytime soon.

Even if I cannot fully dedicate myself to Rainbow Moon I still plan to buy it to purely support SideQuest Studios and hope for more games like this in the future.

So with the addition of Rainbow Moon the list of games I want to play includes:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (95% Complete)
God of War (70%)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (60%)
Skyrim (30%)
Ratchet and Clank: A crack in time (70%)
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
God of War 2
God of War 3

Not a bad list, with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron coming out in late August and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a few months after that I better get gaming.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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This news is awesome! It’s great in the world of game delays that the game I want the most is coming out a week early.

PlayStation All-stars Release Date

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Its official, October 23 (North America) is when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will hit store shelves.


I loved the Smash Bros. series on the Nintendo systems so I am really looking forward to this release.

I usually get together with a few friends on Friday nights and this might be a fun multiplayer game for us to play.