Rainbow Moon Impression

Final Fruitkis XIII-2…..
God of Something……

These sound like other games I might have played before my gaming soul was possessed by Rainbow Moon!

I have played Rainbow Moon for about 7 hours now and am addicted.

I like the mix of seeing the enemies in the map and the option of accepting random battles. I picked up my second team member (Trisha the archer) which has increased the strategy used in every battle. I love the battle system and the different ways you can attack the enemies. The tactics of each battle are fun and trying to find a balance for kills to distribute pearls is challenging.

The other positives for me so far are the upgrade system, music, graphics, and the how you advance you characters.

The negatives, well the story is a little weak but it does have its own personal charm. The only other one I can think of just the rate you meet your team members.

Over all I am really enjoying Rainbow Moon and have just acquired the Harbor Key so I am off to continue my exploration.


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