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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron First Impression

Posted in Games with tags , , , on 24/08/2012 by arthur1977

Fall of Cybertron has been out for a couple of days now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it.  First off the game looks and sounds amazing, the transformers are well animated and the environmental sounds and voice acting are top notch.  I have tried to split my time between the single player and multi player experiences.

The single player experience is slightly different this time with the removal of Co-op and not allowing you to select what transformer to use.  This enables them to structure each chapter for a particular robot and their special ability.  I have made it to Chapter V and love it so far.  Changing robots every chapter keeps the story and game play fresh and lets you enjoy abilities like cloaking and grappling.  So far there have been a few spots where I continuously end up getting killed and have needed to set the controller down for a short break.  They mostly consist of being bombarded by enemies with a limited space to hide but after a few more tries I managed to complete the objectives.

Multi-player has also been a blast.  I have spent some time playing both Team Deathmatch and Conquest and get owned in both.  The ability to customize  your robots in depth is a lot of fun and allows you to create one designed just for you (Prime in Decepticon colours looks strange).  The multi player maps are well laid out and a lot of fun to explore (and in my case get killed!).  You level up your 4 different classes and unlock perks to help you kill your enemies faster or to help you stay in one piece.  I have had no problems finding matches to play in which was a little bit of an issue in the first game.

Overall this game is SWEET.  Its a solid follow up to War for Cybertron and I cannot wait to find out what High Moon Studios plans to do next (be it Transformers based or not).


Roll out!

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Well today’s the day, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron hits retail shelves, and I have a 12 hour shift to work!

Oh well, my wife is being great and supporting my inner geek by picking up my preorder. So after work and spending some quality time with my ladies I will turn on the PS3 and relive part of my youth.

I am leaning towards playing some multi player first, so if you want an easy kill look for CDN-Dragoon 😉

Plague Inc.

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I have been looking at this game for a while now as finally picked it up a couple of days ago. It took me a few games to finally figure out the gameplay and have been addicted to it since.


You start off by picking a plague type (you can only select bacteria to start), and what country you wish to start in. After that you evolve your virus to infect more people and eventually wipe out humanity. Once your virus gets detected countries join forces to try and find a cure. It’s a battle of time and strategy pitting you against the doctors of the world.


The game is fun and challenging, giving you more plague types as you master the old ones. They offer different ways to spread your plague and reek havoc on humanity, so you can create you own personalized plague.


Overall its a very fun game that has killed my battery a few times. 🙂

My vote for the next PS3 HD collection: Parasite Eve

Posted in PS3, Square Enix with tags , , , on 13/08/2012 by arthur1977

With the recent announcements of more Collections for the PS3 it got me wondering what classic series would I like to see.

After a little thinking the Parasite Eve series from Squaresoft in the late 90’s jumped to the forefront. Parasite Eve one and two were released on the PSOne in the late 90’s and the third game of the series was made for the PSP and released in 2010.

I love playing the first two games in University, yep starting to show my age there. They are beautiful Action RPG games that followed rookie cop Aya Brea as she chases her nemesis Eve and learns more about her past.

I started replaying Parasite Eve and besides the graphics being a little pixilated I am really enjoying it. The story is great and gets you involved with the characters quickly. The weapon and armor customizations are nice and let you pick your favorite type of weapon and upgrade it.

I know Square Enix is all over the place and the chances of this collection getting released is very small. With the relative success of 3ed Birthday (Parasite Eve 3) on the PSP which sold around 800,000 copies and the positive reviews of the original games on PSN i have some hope. The ideal situation might be for Square to let a partner like Edios to do the work and let the parent company focus on the next Final Fantasy title.

I will keep my fingers crossed!


Final Fantasy XI: The Land of Vana’diel

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I am a huge Final Fantasy fan and have been listening to the Final Fantasy Union podcast for some time now.  They recently posted an impromptu episode to talk about Final Fantasy XI and Brian’s new album “The Land of Vana’diel”.

I have purchased and subscribed to Final Fantasy XI three time (unfortunately never staying for to long) in my MMO career, enjoying the game and loving the music.  I downloaded the album that he is offering free at and listened to it last night at work and it brought back great memories of FFXI. This is a well produced CD that anyone who has played Final Fantasy XI should at least check out for the nostalgic value alone.

Have a great day everyone,

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo

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They released the demo for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron on July 31st and it has only heightened my desire for getting my hands on the full retail release!

In the demo they let you play small segments of the game as Bumblebee and Vortex, both are fun and introduce the basic gameplay mechanics for people that have not played the original.  They also let you jump online and get some time playing team deathmatch and conquest modes, I can see me spending to much time doing that in the months to come.

My friends and I cannot wait, the only thing missing for us is local multi-player, but unfortunately we will have to wait for PlayStation All-stars for that.