My vote for the next PS3 HD collection: Parasite Eve

With the recent announcements of more Collections for the PS3 it got me wondering what classic series would I like to see.

After a little thinking the Parasite Eve series from Squaresoft in the late 90’s jumped to the forefront. Parasite Eve one and two were released on the PSOne in the late 90’s and the third game of the series was made for the PSP and released in 2010.

I love playing the first two games in University, yep starting to show my age there. They are beautiful Action RPG games that followed rookie cop Aya Brea as she chases her nemesis Eve and learns more about her past.

I started replaying Parasite Eve and besides the graphics being a little pixilated I am really enjoying it. The story is great and gets you involved with the characters quickly. The weapon and armor customizations are nice and let you pick your favorite type of weapon and upgrade it.

I know Square Enix is all over the place and the chances of this collection getting released is very small. With the relative success of 3ed Birthday (Parasite Eve 3) on the PSP which sold around 800,000 copies and the positive reviews of the original games on PSN i have some hope. The ideal situation might be for Square to let a partner like Edios to do the work and let the parent company focus on the next Final Fantasy title.

I will keep my fingers crossed!



2 Responses to “My vote for the next PS3 HD collection: Parasite Eve”

  1. My vote has to go to the shamefully undervalued “Onimusha” series. One of Capcoms bloodiest and best series.

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