Resumes and opportunities

Well, a bunch of new internal job opportunity were posted at the Widget Factory where I work.

I realized that I had not really updated my resume since the late 90’s. My resume basically consisted of my educational background (high school and university), job experiences dating back to grade 11, and some academic awards I won about 2 decades age. It was 2 pages and really didn’t flow all that well.

After doing some research on the Internet I found a nice little template to modernize it. The design is streamlined to only one page listing post secondary education, a list of skills the employer might be interested in, and recent job history. It is straight to the point and combined with a letter of interest should cover everything a employer wants to know about me before an interview.

Time to throw my name into the mix. If I manage to get the posting I am hoping for it means switching off 12 shift work and going to 8 hour days.

Wish me luck! 😜

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