Guardian Cross! Good game but I need some help for free Final Fantasy cards!

I found this battle card game late last week and have been hooked. Its has a nice little story section and a coliseum for battling against other players. You creat you group and level up our cards before battles.

As a special bonus for early adapters the offer limited edition Final Fantasy XI + XIV cards for inviting more people. This is where I need help! I am a huge Final Fantasy fan but have only a small
group of friends with iPhones. If you are interested in playing could you please use my Code: ND24889! (or just install, pick a name, use my code and delete). It’s currently a!!!

I need 25 for the ultimate prize, but if anything I would just love to get the Mog card!


3 Responses to “Guardian Cross! Good game but I need some help for free Final Fantasy cards!”

  1. I’d try and get it, but it might be region locked for me in the Philippines. will check now.

  2. Just tried it. It’s not compatible with my iPod Touch. 😦 Sorry. :

  3. arthur1977 Says:

    Thanks for trying Victor, I appreciate it!

    If anyone wants to add me to their friend list, my name is Yurika.

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