12 days of Guardian Cross

I am still addicted to Guardian Cross after 12 days and many charges of my iPhone. I have finished the first episode and am now working through the side quests to gain experience and both coliseum and hunting tickets.  Sunday night marked the end of the first coliseum battle and I finished Ranked B (rankings go from S+, S, A+, A, B+, down to D) which netted me a few skill stones (permanent skill boost), and 2 special hunting tickets (only 3 star guardians or better when hunting).

I have finally acquired my first 4 star Guardian buy killing the boss monster in the Glaverow Volcanic Zone, which got me Seiryu.  Since then I have also picked up 2 more (Medusa and Hecatoncheir) with my special hunting tickets that I won in the Coliseum.

Now that I have them I am working on leveling them up to help me compete during the next round of the Coliseum which started early Monday morning. For this round of the Coliseum you now have an option between different coliseums, one for beginners (only 1 of each guardian with a max level of 10) or Official (no doubles, only 1 almighty) that offer slightly different rewards.

I am interested to see how long it takes them to put out the 2nd episode and the different type of coliseum battles then have going forward.  As before if you are interested in trying the game, please use my invitation code: ND24889 for a free Final Fantasy card.

One Response to “12 days of Guardian Cross”

  1. temjjb Says:

    Add me I’ll happily trade monsters you need for catalogue completion rewards my add I’d temjjb

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