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Friends and being out gunned in Guardian Cross!

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Since I started playing Guardian Cross I have met some amazing people. They have been very helpful when looking for various guardians or just amassing Sliver Slimes for leveling. I would like to thank ManAcus, BigPoppa66, Peter11, Riona, Pocketq10, Mr Mojo, and FxHollow5 for being classy people and great gamers.

I do admit my zeal for this game is starting to wane. I have hit level 100 and have been having ZERO luck using Special Tickets with my last 5 netting only 21 3* guardians! My frustration grows when I hit the coliseum and do battle with my team and lose to a team with 3 or 4 five star guardians and get a “C” rating. It seems to me that the rich get richer and the rest of us just fall behind. Even teaming up with another player to boost our teams did not work and our efforts just fell short.

I am not quite ready to rage quit… yet. The new area is nice and hopefully my luck changes or I might have think of a new approach to playing this game.

Only time will tell.


Shadow of the Mad King!

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Guild Wars 2 Halloween event started on October 22 and I have been enjoying it. From reading their website its going to be rolled out in four separate acts starting on October 22 for act 1, October 26 for act 2, October 28 for act 3 and finishing out on October 31 with act 4.

So far I have been spending my time exploring Divinity’s Reach and Queensdale with my level 12 Mesmer looking for Haunted Doors, pumpkins to carve, and raw candy corn to mine. I have had fun hunting the Halloween creatures that the doors release when your character interacts with then, from glowing skeletons to walking candy corn monsters. You also get the chance to loot Trick-or-Treat bags from enemies or harvesting candy corn. The gem story now has a costume of the Mad King himself and all the Black Lion Chest from October 23 to November 5 will give you Halloween-themed weapon skins.

I am looking forward to the upcoming acts in the near future and seeing the effects of the Mad Kings influence on the world. I am glad I still have some time off to hopefully take advantage of this extra content.

The first of many…

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I got to feel the little munchkin growing in my wife’s belly this morning. We were sitting on the couch as a family when she asked me to put my hand on her belly where after a few minutes I felt the little bugger kick.

It’s an amazing feeling and I cannot wait until their bigger and my daughter can feel them as well. We are at the 22 week mark so there is still a ways to go, which is needed because my to-do list seems to grow every day!

Say Hello to Gutvik Valentyn

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I managed to complete all my goals for the week so I got the OK to pick up a copy of Guild Wars 2.  I started the installation of the Guild Wars 2 when I got home and sent out a quick email to my cousin to find out what server he was playing on.

After my ladies when to bed I booted up the game and started creating my first character: Gutvik Valentyn the Thief.  I played around with the class for a little while and never quite got a liking for it so….

I deleted it and started an Engineer.  I spent precious little time playing this class before I ran into my first Mesmer and my jaw dropped!  Sword and Sorcery, that is the profession for me.  So back to the drawing board….

The first Mesmer I rolled was a charming little lady with a smile on her face and a regret about not getting a chance to perform at the circus.  I managed to get her to level 5 or so before her Go-Go dancer outfit finally got the best of me and I re-rolled again for probably not the last time….

Finally, Gutvik Valentyn, Mesmer to the Stars!

Even with the little time I have been running around in this game I can say it looks beautiful. I like how you have your main story quest and entering certain areas allow you to do quest for the citizens in the area. The legend off to the side to trace your progress is also a nice touch to see how much of the game you have explored.

All in all, I am looking forward to getting more time playing Guild wars 2. If you are on the Tarnished Coast server look me up.

Cheers to 5 Years!

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I wanted to do a quick post wishing my Wife a happy 5 Year Anniversary! It’s been quite a ride and I cannot wait to see how the next 50 or so years turn out.


No console gaming for a week!

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Hitting the second week of my vacation I made the decision that I had to refocus back on my Honey-to-Do list.

My first week was fairly successful by painting my little Princesses new room, a nice shade of pink at her request. Then the rest of the time was filled out with cleaning and some time playing Borderlands 2.

The project this week is a little more vast. Over last winter we had work done on our house due to water leaking into the basement. The basement has now been drywalled for a while and I have finished off the two little rooms downstairs. The project for this week is the open play area.

Monday I set out and arranged all the furniture to allow me access to the walls. Tuesday I applied the first coat of primer to help expose all the defects in the wall that need repairing. The plan for the rest of the week is now to patched up all the holes and smooth them down. Following that paint both the ceiling and walls, the colours downstairs were bright and vibrant so a few coats primer will be needed.

Not surprisingly my console ban has kept me motivated and pushing forward. My addiction to Guardian Cross hardly interferes since I just set my timer to chime every 2 hours jump on for a few minutes and then close it out.

All in all, things are things are looking good for me completing my most of my Honey-To-Do list by the end of my vacation next week. And if things keep going this well I might be able to pick up a copy of Guild Wars 2 before to long!

Change of venue, Change of luck?

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Well I must admit I was starting to get a little frustrated with not being able to land a 5*Guardian in Guardian Cross. I recently reached level 79 and have used a total of 9 special hunting tickets with very limited success (only four 4*s). My coliseum team is still performing well and is able to take down teams with 5*s but tends to max out in the C+ level once the going gets tough.

Instead of rage quitting, I decided with my 2 new Special hunting tickets I would go out and have a coffee and croissant at my local Starbucks and see if a change of venue would have and difference. I also though about my approach in hunting with the Special tickets, i decided to do some research on the types of shadows that I should be targeting for the best odds for getting a 5*. I focused on the Glaverow Volcanic Zone and noted that to have the most success of getting a 5* I should aim for the Vampire shadow first (3-5*s, 1-4* and 2-3*s or 50% chance per shadow) followed by the Giant (1-5*, 2-4*, and 3-3* or 17%) and Wolf (1-5*, 2-4* and 4-3* or 14%). I also noted that there was only one possible guardian you can get for killing the floater shadow, and that was Dullahan (4*).

With my hunting plan set and a half drank black coffee sitting on the table in front of me I ran through a few normal hunting tickets to warm up. Taking another sip of coffee I selected my Special hunting ticket and hoped for the best! After taking a quick look around for a vampire shadow and seeing none I took down 2 giants and a wolf with no success, then I saw a floater and though sweet there is my Dullahan. With about 20 seconds left I located another giant and went to work taking it down, and would you guessed it my luck did change and I pulled in my first 5* am Ifrit (Int)!

With a smile on my face I left Starbucks and headed back home for a day of home renovations.

I really think my researching helped me in getting the Ifrit, knowing what shadows to target (ie. avoiding all the serpents) increased my chances of success. If you are having troubles landing one I suggest you do the same.

Happy Hunting!!

Bonus note, there is only 1 possible guardian for killing a bird shadow in the Berneside Plains using a Special hunting ticket and that is the 5* Phoenix!